You've probably heard the term "there's nothing like a good debate" at some point in your life but what does it mean? Why do people have debates? What purpose do debates serve? Can any good come out of having a debate? To find out the answers to those questions you should keep on reading.

One of the most popular reasons why people debate is that they enjoy voicing their opinion. If someone believes that recycled art is flawless and you don't then you need to let your viewpoint be heard. If everybody didn't stand up for what they believed in then we would live in a world without much diversity.

Debates serve plenty of purposes, depending on the scenario. A high school debate helps students who are on debate teams learn about critical thinking and how to form an argument, whether the topic is media or politics. Learning about how to defend your views, thoughts or opinions early in life sets the stage later in life when you might be faced with situations in where you have to debate your side of things.

To answer the last question as to whether or not any good can come out of debates we would say yes. Of course, it also depends on the venue the debate is taking place in. Look at political debates. If you see a nationally televised debate between representatives of a political party then they are most definitely occurring for a good reason. Political debates like that offer candidates the opportunity to debate certain topics that are important to their campaign and the voters and can sway people's opinions on candidates, either in a positive or negative light.

However, there are some debates that don't need to take place. For instance, debating with the owners of your local gym about their high gym fees won't do anyone any good as you won't get them to lower gym fees and might actually wind up getting kicked out of your gym. There's a time and a place for debates and you need to be aware of whether or not debating a certain topic is the right thing to do. If it is then by all means get your debating hat on. However, if debating the pros and cons of using a nearby shop to help the small business economy isn't something that will be beneficial then just let it pass.

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