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Even people who do not follow politics and have no interest in voting cannot help but be aware when there's an election coming up. This is because the lawns of the homes they pass on the way to work suddenly sprout a multitude of signs advertising the candidates who are running in that particular riding, district, or ward. If you're not a political person, you might wonder about these signs. We'll tell you all about where they came from and what they're meant to accomplish.

Lawn signs are meant to publicize not only the fact that a candidate is running for a particular office but also when the election is taking place. Most people are too busy living life or too uninterested in politics to follow the political blogs or join a party, so often these signs are the first clue they have that an election is coming up and that these are the people who are running. Without these signs, a lot more people would forget to vote entirely.

The purpose of a sign is simply to announce candidacy and perhaps promote an overview of the candidate's goals, not to outline their entire platform. When people see signs on lawns, it is up to them to look up the candidate to see what he or she stands for. Often times the signs will simply have "vote for" and the candidates name and the date of the election, but many new-media savvy candidate are also including web addresses, Twitter hashes, or invitations to visit their Facebook page for more information.

If you're wondering who pays for all of these signs, they're not free, and neither are they paid for out of your taxes. Party supporters from all over will donate money to the candidate's campaign in the hopes of helping them get elected. These businesses and citizens are the ones who pay for the signs, which are ordered from local sign makers who work for money rather than donating their services to the politician they support.

As for how these signs end up on the lawns of certain lawns and not on others, the party members are encouraged to take signs and post them on properties they own. Sometimes parties will also go door to door asking property owners if it's okay to put a sign on their lawn. They must have permission to post a sign from the landowner, so if you see a sign on your lawn you did not approve you're within your rights to remove it and complain to the party.

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