Have you been given the task within your organization to write the company's mission statement? We know how pressure filled such a job can be and want to help you write the best possible mission statement for your non-profit charitable organization or sales company for example. If you keep reading this article you'll find some helpful tips that will provide you with the motivation you'll need to write an amazing and, hopefully, well-received mission statement.

The first piece of advice we have for you when it comes to writing a mission statement is to single out what makes your company so special. Do you fulfill a certain niche in your chosen industry? Do you feel your employees can't be beat by any other company's employees? Is your dentistry skills the most experienced dental clinic in your area? Do you sell unusual products that can't be purchased anywhere else? Whatever it is your company does that makes it stand out above the competition highlight that in your mission statement and make it a prominent part of your mission statement.

Writing a mission statement can be made quite simpler if you ask yourself one vital question: what business are you in? Since you already know what it is your company does that makes it unique now is the time to focus on exactly what it is your company does. The best way to answer the question we brought to your attention earlier is to ask yourself a smorgasbord of other questions such as why are you in business, who are your customers, what type of image do you want to convey to customers, suppliers and employees, what is your level of service and what is the nature of the services and products your provide? It doesn't matter if you specialize in china cups or athletic socks if you answer each of those questions we just went over it will aid you in the process of creating a clear and concise mission statement.

Now that you know what should be in your mission statement it's time to construct it. To do this we recommend getting others from your company involved to solicit their opinions and advice, write for hours a day and give yourself a deadline. You're going to come up with several drafts until you hit the perfect one so keep on writing and asking those close to you in your workplace to proofread them until that eureka moment happens!

That's all we have for now on the topic of mission statements and we truly do hope that the mission statement you write, be it for a charity that helps the homeless or a company that sells computer parts, you'll have gleaned enough insight into the mission statement writing process to feel confident enough in your mission statement writing abilities. Good luck!

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