Whether you're giving a presentation to your bank about why you deserve to have a mortgage loan or giving up and coming students the benefit of your experience, it's always nerve wracking to have to get up and speak in public. If you're prone to nerves or worrying about whether you'll both your speech, preparing ahead of time will make all the difference. Here are some things that will calm you and help make your speech the best speech it can be. (Bank denied your mortgage loan? Talk to a bad credit lender for help.

Know Your Topic

You can save yourself a lot of public anguish simply by knowing what it is you're going to talk about when you get to the front of the room. It's not enough to know that you have to speak about the subject. You have to have a new and different angle on the material if you want to keep people's attention. Think of it as writing a paper - start with something you want to prove, do prove it.

Prepare an Outline

Even if you've forgotten enough about the topic to fill a textbook, don't assume you can get up there and make up your speech on the fly. You'll either talk yourself into a corner or ramble off onto a side road. Instead, prepare a bullet point list of the main facts and aspects to cover and allow yourself to speak from the head within each. Fully pre-written speeches are not a good idea either, as they force the speaker to spend too much time staring at the lectern. When you are sitting down to write your own will, don't write the speech you want your child to read aloud at your cremation and celebrations, it may be more than he or she can handle at the moment of grief.

Spice it Up

If you want to leave your audience feeling like they haven't wasted their time, spice up your speech by adding some jokes and personal anecdotes about your life works. Audiences like to feel a connection with you, so the more of yourself you include in your speech the harder it will be for them to zone out. You can also spice it up by including quotes, using visual aids like photos and objects, or simply by using some hand gestures.


The real test of your speech comes not when you read it back to yourself but when you perform it for a test audience. Even if your friends and family know nothing about real estate services, they can at least tell you whether they were bored. Other test audiences can include your pets, a baby, or even your own reflection in a mirror. Just hearing your speech out loud will help you to refine it.

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