Whether you're going to see a lecture on political reform or hear beat poetry at your local art house cafe there's nothing worse than not being able to hear the speaker because their voice was so soft when they spoke. It doesn't matter if you paid good money for your seats or admission was free it's nonetheless disappointing when your excitement for the evening has to be tempered because you aren't able to hear the speaker at the front of the room.

In some instances a softly spoken speech on wind power or a poem about love can enhance the severity of the words coming out of the mouth of the speaker and might actually be a part of the act or performance but for the most part it just ends up being a frustrated evening for those in attendance. One of the most important lessons we're taught growing up when it comes to performing in front of an audience, be it giving a speech or acting in a play, is to project our voices!

You want the person in the back of the room to be able to hear just as well as the person sitting up close and personal in the first row of the room. A speech is nothing without voice projection command and if you don't learn that early in life you're going to have a hard time being in command of a room when speaking to them. A softly spoken leader is a sign of a quiet leader and that can sometimes lead to trouble, especially when trying to give a pep talk to a room full of attendees.

If you consider yourself the type of person who gets shy during speeches and don't think you have what it takes to muster a booming speech then taking lessons from a speech coach should be the first thing to do. They'll work on your speaking technique and preach voice projection and command until it's second nature to you. You never want to subject those in the same room as you who are trying to hear what you have to say to second-guess your speech. You want them to be able to clearly hear the masterful and riveting thoughts and opinions you have on the subject and that all begins with voice projection.

So, the next time you give a speech don't forget to project your voice so the person in the back of the room can hear you. It might take some effort to do that but once you do you'll never have to worry about it again!

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